Giro Hex Helmet (08) review£50.00

Rugged construction with good venting and a reasonable price tag

BikeRadar score4/5

Sitting almost halfway between Giro's MTB-specific lid, the Xen, and a more traditional style helmet, the Hex offers good styling and performance at a fair price.

It's noticeably more low-pro than other Giro helmets and the rear outer shell better follows the curvature of the head to give it a more 'wrapped' feel (and it helps keep its weight relatively low, at 310g). But although it is obviously Xen-esque, it doesn't benefit from the more comprehensive rear protection that the Xen offers. The 22 intake vents keep the head cool, doing their job particularly well at slower riding speeds (and hence, lower air-flow speeds), and Giro's own RocLoc 4 retention system is simple and effective to use, and is one of the simplest to adjust.

The in-moulded upper and lower hard-body construction has proven rugged and robust, and the visor can be positioned freely to aid visibility - and stays puts to offer a simple but essential feature.

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