Giro Selector Aero Helmet review£239.99

Aero lid

BikeRadar score3/5

Giro's new Selector aero helmet is the long-awaited upgrade to the company’s popular Advantage. Its main aerodynamic improvements over its predecessor are a detachable visor to smooth airflow around your face and a fairing (two types, interchangeable) underneath the tail of the helmet, which helps close the gap to your back and reduce turbulence.

There are small vents at the top of the visor that channel air over your head to two rear exhaust vents. It’s also very comfortable and the visor doesn’t fog up. Our main issues with it are its big top dome, which increases frontal area compared to some other aero helmets, and the lack of adjustability in the fore/aft straps, which made it hard to get a good flat-back fit. If you have a low head position, you’ll be OK, but if not then we’d go with a flatter, longer aero lid.

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