Rudy Project Zuma review£49.99

Good value at this build quality

BikeRadar score4/5

The Zuma is a very sleek and stylish helmet with looks that we prefer to the louder, more expensive Actyum. 

The fast lines are backed by a good fit and the 21 vents provide enough cooling for the majority of rides. Unlike the Actyum, the Zuma foregoes an internal meshed bug net and as a consequence feels cooler.

The Zuma has a solid feel. The in-moulded outer shell extends to the underside at the rear but not the front, but even that extra protection at the rear is a bonus on helmets at this price.

The smooth pads, straps and trouble-free adjustment enhance the wearing experience. The straps also have a chin pad for a bit of extra comfort. The wide cradle at the rear is adjusted via a big red dial and it's easy to use while on the move. The optional visor is suitable for road use but mountain bikers will want something bigger.

The Zuma is a classy looking helmet for the price with a good level of features, build quality and a shape to fit most heads.

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