Spiuk Input helmet review£85.00

Not for everyone

BikeRadar score3/5

The relatively small vents on the Input do quite a good job of ventilation, showing that it’s not all about the number and size of the holes in a helmet when it comes to keeping you cool.

Spiuk have added carbon fibre composites to the Input, which work to tie the helmet together longitudinally. Although at first it appears that the carbon is purely cosmetic, a little digging through the EPS foam of the liner shows that it is indeed structural.

The fit is a little weird though, with most of our test riders finding that the joining of the two central ridges on top of the helmet caused a spot of pressure right in the middle of their heads, so this is a definite ‘try before you buy’ recommendation from us.

If it does fit you, however, this is a really comfortable and well-made helmet that’s much cooler on than it appears it should be.

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