Kali Aazis Soft Knee Guard pads review£50.00

Casual protection

BikeRadar score3/5

The Aazis knee guard looks remarkably similar to the uber popular 661 Kyle Strait knee pad, and is every bit as comfy.

It’s made from quality neoprene with a Kevlar layer over the tough but flexible cap, and has Velcro straps at the top and bottom of the pad, like on the Kyle Strait.

The Aazis has more slimline padding around the side of the main cap, which makes it easier to fit and wear under jeans, but you don’t sacrifice too much protection.

It comes in different colours, which is great if you like to co-ordinate your kit or bike. Unlike the 661 pad, which comes in four sizes (small to XL) the Kali comes in three sizes – small, medium and large – which will fit most people, but not all.

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