O'Neal Sinner knee guards review£59.99

Comfy protection

BikeRadar score3/5

For a while, d3o’s shock absorbing material appeared to have a monopoly on ride protection, until O’Neal crashed the party. Their new Sinner pads utilise SaS-Tec’s SC1 viscoelastic soft foam inserts. This material remains pliable in general use, but hardens proportionally with the force of an impact.

Soft construction means they’re pedal-friendly and the towelling lining means they don’t chafe sweaty knees. Ours were snug and comfortable, but try before you buy if you have big legs.

The SaS-Tec material isn’t anywhere near as pliable as d3o and is considerably thicker, so you don’t forget you’re wearing them like you do with 661s EVO pads. The hammer-on-knee test did prove that they give significantly more impact protection than the 661 pad though.

They have additional foam pads to protect the side of the knee, and the cupped shape of the knee insert means they stay in place well when scuffing yourself across the floor.

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