Race Face Flank leg armour review£89.95

d3o equipped pads

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The new knee and shin Flank pads from Race Face feature the highly-rated d3o material. The result is flexible, comfy pads that man up helpfully well, right when you need them.

The fit is good and the flanks offer plenty of protection around the ACl area. They stay in place nicely even when pedalling, the cutouts at the rear stop them from rubbing and the perforated neoprene construction keeps some air moving around.

The lower extension covers the top of the shin and makes the Flanks slightly warmer than their knee-only counterparts. If you’re concerned about all-over coverage, be warned that the Flanks leave your lower shin exposed. We weren’t keen on the looks of the lower section either.

The d3o works well and is thick enough to ward off slower-speed knocks where you mightn’t get the full effect of the material hardening. But they cost nearly £20 more than the equivalent SixSixOne Evo knee pads, so you’ve got to really want that extra lower leg coverage.

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