EVS RC Evolution Neck Brace review£136.95

Protection at a good price

BikeRadar score4/5

Neck braces are becoming ever more popular within the world of downhill. This latest offering from EVS may see those numbers increase significantly, because it’s one of the most affordable out there.

The Evolution Neck Brace is slightly different to some current designs, using a padded, fully modular collar to help cushion any impacts. Inside the collar sits a range of padded foam shims, of varying thickness, which can be removed or added to ensure sufficient head movement.

The outer structure is less weighty than it looks (just under 1.4kg/3lb) and spans over the shoulders to help dissipate energy from a crash. A more pliable rubber is used on the outer edges to reduce body injury.

The strap mechanism works well but does sit quite high under your arms if you’re looking to limit brace movement. The padded collar has no fixture at the front, which can interfere with the chinguard of the helmet. The larger shoulder area enables body armour to be worn underneath without a problem, but those who prefer to ride without will notice the brace move around when riding.

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