POC Bone VPD leg armour review£69.99

Swedish protection

BikeRadar score4/5

Swedish protection superhouse POC are hitting UK and US shores with their new Bone VPD leg armour. The design-led Scandinavians have a background in snow sports protection and have come up with a very comfy bit of bike kit.

The fitting is all straps with velcro and clip fastening so there’s no need to faff about taking your shoes on/off. The centre strap uses the clip, with two options as to where you place them to make sure fit is exactly right.

Neat touches include a removable calf protector (for those pedal pin moments) and a flexible knee cup. The polypropylene cup is hinged, with a tough VPD (shock-absorbing dough) sleeve staying put to prevent debris getting to the top of your knee, while the hard shell looks after the main part. It works too.

When pedalling, the pads are among the comfiest we’ve used and protection is superb. These aren’t the lightest pads in the world, but the meshed vents along the shin circulate air well and the comfy fit means that they don’t rub at all. They’re not the cheapest but are among the best we’ve used.

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