661 Evo Pressure Suit body armour review£159.99

Low profile, lightweight body suit

BikeRadar score4/5

The Evo Pressure Suit sits at the top end of 661’s line of body armour. The main selling point is its low profile and low weight.

This is achieved by using high-impact foam for the shoulder, elbow and forearm pads in place of cumbersome hard plastic plating, which is the norm for most body armour.

The pads are sewn into place over the vented and stretchy moisture-wicking body that keeps everything firmly in place. It all fits under the snuggest jerseys too.

Adjustable Velcro straps let you finetune the fit and the built-in support belt further batons you in and offers a bit moreprotection for your vital organs. The chest plate is also thick foam, so less protection than the hard-shell plastic types, but this has the added benefit of increased mobility.

The tough plastic spine plate is articulated for excellent movement and is removable too. The proof is in the pudding though, and once we had a few hefty crashes under our belt we really knew that the suit could be trusted.

It didn’t move around and we barely noticed it while riding because it breathes so well and is so well articulated. The only drawback was trying to remove it at the end of a session when it was soaked with sweat – that was somewhat testing!

661 evo pressure suit: 661 evo pressure suit
661 evo pressure suit: 661 evo pressure suit

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