Dainese Impact Jacket Race review£200.00

Great quality and protection, but poor chest plates

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The fit is good on this latest version of Dainese's classic body armour. 

Dainese have addressed the problem of the 'corset effect' that afflicted the last incarnation. The Velcro waist band fastens as normal, then side velcro cinches tighten the back plate onto the belt, giving a good tight fit without squashing your guts. 

Protection is bang on, as you would expect from Dainese, with the plastic cups protecting from impact and sharp object intrusion, as well as sliding, which helps protect against muscular injury in a crash.

There’s composite cups at the forearms, elbows and shoulders over multi-density foam and a very cool looking articulated composite back protector.

The hard plastic exoskeleton of padding has spread on this new model, with a two-piece chest protector giving it a very moto look. All this is tied together with elasticated webbing and perforated lycra.

The only problem was the new chest plate. It’s  too bulky and rigid and pushes into your throat when you crouch down (as you would on an uplift truck).

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