Clif Bar review£1.29

Chewy, tasty energy bar that works on the bike or as a meal replacement

BikeRadar score4/5

Clif Bars contain a mixture of sugars and complex carbohydrates as energy sources. They have the highest fibre content of all the bars tested. This will slow down the absorption of sugars.

The bars  have a slightly sticky, gooey texture. They're reasonably chewy and moist but with crunchy bits that need liquid to swill out of your teeth. It's easy to find a flavour you'll enjoy - there are 17 options - and they are both chewable mid-ride, and for a mid-morning desk snack.

You could eat these bars regularly as a  snack or mini meal replacement. Most of the ingredients are organic and care has been taken to avoid cheap fats or oils which would introduce trans fats.  

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