Eat Natural Fruit and Nut Bar review£0.69

Tasty energy bar with all-natural ingredients

BikeRadar score4.5/5

If you're not keen on 'scientific' sports nutrition, like energy bars or gels, instead preferring more traditional mid or post-ride snacks, Eat Natural might have a new range for you. Perhaps it's the closest thing to a pocketful of nuts and dried fruit with the odd bit of dark chocolate for the added 'mmm' factor (aids recovery too doesn't it?).

As you can see, the ingredients are quite loosely packed but the bar's still chewy - moist enough without making breathing difficult while riding, and more interesting and lighter than a flapjack.

Tasty? Suffice to say, we had to ask for a new box of samples to be sent, because all those hidden in my desk had been snaffled before we'd taken any photos. The most popular flavour here was the one pictured - blackcurrants, walnuts, mango and dark chocolate, which disappeared first. That's what you might call voting with your teeth...

All the Eat Natural range is free from artificial flavours or colours and preservatives, they're gluten free and okay for veggies too.

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