Lovedean Granola review£5.95

Not great as a cereal, okay as a snack

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Lovedean Granola's tub has a heart label on the front. We, however, did not heart the Lovedean granola.

Granola is a good source of fibre and vitamins, and Lovedean's blend is totally natural, with no preservatives, additives, sugar or salt, artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated fats.

However, replacing our usual breakfast of muesli and banana with the firm's Original Granola, it took us twice as long to complete the meal.

The mix of oily nuts and seeds gives a very ‘gritty’ eating experience and it’s hard work to get through first thing in the morning. We gave the Tangy Cranberry a try too, but that produced the same labour-intensive effect.

The stomach filling effect of the Lovedean granola seemed to be less than our usual morning munch and it didn’t have a noticeable effect on our rides either, though it doesn’t claim it will.

The granola was okay as a snack throughout the day, filling a small gap between lunch and tea and providing something to graze on mid-morning. 

But with 33g of fat per 100g compared to 7.7g for our regular muesli, you’ve got to question how good this stuff really is for your body. Calories are sky high, too, for a breakfast snack at 511 per 100g.

Lovedean granola is not cheap at £5.95 for a 450g pot, which would probably provide us with, at best, four breakfast servings. A 1kg bag of our usual muesli sets us back £2 and lasts a couple of weeks.

The 70g Lovedean snack pot is a more reasonable £1.65, but for that we’d rather spend the money on a bunch of bananas. Larger sizes of the granola are available too.

Made from a combination of oats, nuts and seeds, and available in Original, Juicy Date and Apple and Tangy Cranberry flavours,

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