Zipvit ZV8 energy bar review£1.30

Oats and rice based energy

BikeRadar score4/5

Despite oat flakes and rice crisps well up in the mix, this actually has a relatively low carb serving. A mix of ‘polydextrose’, fruit sugars and nuts gives predictably steady overall energy delivery. Supplemental vitamins, pantothenic and folic acids are designed to aid energy delivery and overall recovery too. 

Flavours aren’t too overpowering or queasy, even if you’re working really hard between mouthfuls, and it chews down really fast. We’ve used it before, during and after rides and it’s worked well enough in each situation (including very hot and very cold weather) to make it one of our favoured bars. 

Packaging disintegrates easily and leaves it vulnerable to fluff and filth if you’re a half now, half later snacker.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine, available on Zinio.

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  • Discipline: Road, Mountain, Urban, Womens
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