PowerBar Gel Caffeine review£30.00

Tasty caffeinated kicks

BikeRadar score3/5

This is a sticky, sweet gel that comes with a noticeable caffeinated kick. We used them on all-day epics but they’re good for enduros, cross-country and cyclo-cross races as they pack away small but deliver a big carb and caffeine hit.

The packaging is fiddly and there’s a knack to eating them on the go – as seems to be the case with many sports gels – and they can make a right mess if you don’t get all the gel out of the tube, as it will slowly ooze out into your pocket or pack.

Despite the pocket-wrecking stickiness, we liked the taste, and the carb and caffeine hit worked. Comes in tropical fruit, lemon lime, caffeinated green apple, vanilla, caffeinated blackcurrant and strawberry/banana flavours.

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