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Sweet energy supplement

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Vooma gels aren’t new, but the flavours and packaging have been revamped. With a decent 24g carbs for every 36g sachet, providing 100kcal, they compare favourably to other gels on the market. 

Energy comes from a mix of short- and long-chain carbohydrates so that you get an instant boost as well as lasting energy. Extra ingredients include electrolytes, useful if you’re just washing down your gels with water rather than supplementing with energy drink, and L-Carnitine, included to help your body burn fat. 

We took the new mocha and vanilla caramel flavours riding and found they weren’t too bulky to take a few along, and the pack tears neatly and easily without goo running all over your hands. 

Some might find the caramel flavour too sweet – as we did after more intense efforts – but for steady or tempo intervals at Olympic-distance ride pace it was perfect. It’s expensive, though.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine, available on Zinio.

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