Bell Slant helmet review£40.00

Sleek, comfortable and secure

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Slant is not the lightest helmet in the budget category, but it’s certainly the coolest. Thanks to 21 good-sized vents, the air really keeps moving over your head and the exhaust ports at the back do a grand job of keeping you comfy. Sizing is generous: it's a bigger lid with a bit of an edge.

Styling is spiky and well balanced; it’s in-moulded to keep everything feeling and looking sleek, and the reflective logos at the rear are a welcome nod to visibility. One of the best things about this helmet is the generous sizing. Pea brains will need to look elsewhere, but Bell’s helmets are great for those with heads on the bulky side. 

Padding is minimal although it does the job just fine, and the absence of Velcro fixings on the universally sized retention band means there’s no chance of uncomfortable scratching if pads slip. Cam-lock strap buckles and a single central dial are a simple but effective way of making a secure retention system.

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