Green Oil Bike Wash & Clean Chain review£8.10

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions

BikeRadar score4.5/5

We admit it, we were wrong. We expected this new, green bike cleaner would give us a warm feeling inside from doing the right thing for the planet but wouldn’t actually get the dirt off the down-tube. But we were pleasantly surprised to find that it really works.

It uses all natural, biodegradable ingredients and no petrochemicals, and you just use it in the same way you would a normal cleaner: spray it on, leave it a couple of minutes to get busy, give it a quick sponge/brush and rinse off – job done.

Clean Chain is the same stuff as the bike cleaner but it’s more concentrated, making it much easier to apply. You simply squeeze it on to your bike chain like a lube and it cleans out all that nasty black gunk from in between the links in no time at all. We have to say, we were mighty impressed.

Even better, though, is that a 1L bottle of Green Clean can be refilled with 100ml of the more concentrated Clean Chain and 900ml of water, which not only works out a whole lot cheaper, saving you money, but also saves on packaging. Or if you don’t fancy that, you can simply return the bottle and you’ll get 10p back. It all helps.

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