Purple Harry’s Bike Floss review£3.99

Bike cleaning aid

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Bike Floss aims to make cleaning tight spots like in between chainrings and cassette sprockets easy with a mildly abrasive bristle floss. It’s made up of a firm nylon thread mixed with soft fleece fabric wrapped around a pliable metal core – like a turbo-charged pipe cleaner.

The results are surprisingly satisfying, as you can reach all kinds of nooks and crannies that a normal rag or recycled toothbrush couldn't. Previously grubby areas polish up easily. A softer fleece-only floss to polish delicate carbon components is available too, but doesn’t dislodge grime as effectively as the bristled floss.

However, the metal core can scratch paintwork, and once dirty, the floss holds oil, meaning you’ll need to buy a new packet every few washes. The results of using bike floss are only noticeable when looking closely, but our cassette has never been so clean.

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