RRP Bearing Press & Extraction Tool review£49.00

Handy for the home mechanic

BikeRadar score3/5

The Bearing Press & Extraction Tool (BPET) looks and feels like a quality bit of engineering with colour-coded parts and instructions (red hardware for extraction, blue for inserting bearings) and a good finish.

It doesn’t come with the specific adaptors for different bearing sizes so you’ll have to add these on from a choice of 16 (£20 each).

In the course of one to four pressings (depending on your bike’s type and number of pivots) it will pay for itself on shop labour charge savings.

The downsides are that if the bearings are too seized to remove, the short handles are too small to get enough leverage to muscle them out. RRP says this is to prevent over-torquing leading to misalignment problems.

Also a multi-linkage frame could require up to three or four different bearing adaptors – adding a sizeable extra £60-£80 on the total tool cost.

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