Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe Set review£34.99

Effective but expensive

BikeRadar score4/5

Green Oil were started by a young entrepreneur called Simon Nash, who began making environmentally friendly bike oil in his garden shed while a student at Southampton University. The company are now market leaders in the UK.

They’ve undergone a rebranding of late. The new look includes random-coloured bottles made from recycled plastics and cleaning sprays that come with recycled Coke bottle lids. It’s not just the packaging that’s green either: the lubes and sprays are all non-toxic so you won’t be breathing in fumes next time you maintain your treasured cycle.

We tested the Deluxe Set, which contains almost everything you’ll need to clean your bike: a sponge, brush, lube, grease and degreaser. There’s even a packet of seeds so that you can use the tub afterwards to grow plants. Our muck-covered bikes were soon sparkling and running smoothly, and the lube didn’t attract dirt like some others we’ve tried, but we still couldn’t help thinking that, at £35, there were cheaper ways to achieve this effect.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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