Green Oil review£5.20

Effective & environment-friendly chain lube

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Green Oil has the slogan ‘destroy limits, not nature’, and was created to allow riders to challenge their own personal limits without compromising their environment. It’s a great soundbite, but does it work?

Yes, it does – we found it performed as well as any other wet lube in this test. You will need to reapply it regularly, but the long nozzle makes light work of the job. The pay-offs are that it won’t irritate your skin, won’t damage those rivers you’re riding through and is made in the UK, so has a smaller carbon footprint than many imported products.

And there’s more. The bottle is reusable and recyclable, and the label is made from recycled paper. Plus you’ll get 50p back if you return the bottle. We think you’ll struggle to ?nd a bike lube with greener credentials.

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