Juice Lubes Chain Juice ceramic lubricant review£10.00

A top choice for dry conditions

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Juice Lubes make all their products in the UK, which means you can feel patriotic while you lube your chain. The Chain Juice ceramic lubricant is for dry-to-damp conditions – it's not designed for properly foul wet weather.

It’s pretty resistant to washing off and lasts well, but the spin-top opening and stiff-sided round bottle make it tricky to apply it to the chain smoothly and consistently. It doesn’t help that the lube is quite thin either. It’s pretty easy to make a mess with this.

It works best on a properly clean chain. Juice Lubes claim it gives smoother shifting too, but that's true of few lubes we've tested, so doesn't set it apart.

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