Motorex Bikeline Dry Lube review£4.99

Curious wax/oil chain lube for dry/dusty conditions.

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This chain-specific lube is a curious wax/oil mix formulated specifically for dry/dusty conditions. It's proved hardy enough on my fixed without need for reapplication in very wet conditions and by the same token, I'm pleased to say, several weeks' continuous riding through dusty forest trails hasn't turned my crosser's transmission into a nasty grinding paste.

Racers and mud mariners will want something lighter and condition-specific, and unlike the latest generation of lightweight lubes it's too thick for cables or pivot points, but should serve commuters and tourists well.

While thicker than many dry lubes, it flows very readily from the spout, so keep a clean rag handy to catch the excess - or find the lion's share dribbling over the rear wheel.

Give the chain a thorough de-greasing beforehand as it reacted badly with traces of another brand. 

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