Nytralube Slick Caramel review£6.99

A narrow-use lube that's best for competitive road riders

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This dry formula lube promises the Holy Grail of lubrication, maximum protection and minimal friction without attracting dirt.

In keeping with other PTFE-based lubes it flows very readily, requiring concentration to avoid marinating the bike's transmission. Applied to a freshly cleaned chain you can feel it seep into every link, but having a tendency to run everywhere means it's not ideal for cables.
Both multi geared and fixed transmissions felt faultlessly smooth and noticeably quieter (suggesting it might also be a good choice for a noisy freewheel), attracting very little dirt or road grime - ideal for three seasons road/mountain bike racing. However, wetter rides have needed more frequent reapplication, especially off road.
The phrase 'horses for courses' springs to mind; this is an advanced lube designed to meet the demands of competitive riding, but commuters, tourists and/or bikes in hard use will need something more durable.

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