Topeak One-Timer review£16.99

Topeak's cartridge solution has a lot going for it

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Topeak's cartridge solution has a lot going for it. You can expect no frost burns, given that the cartridge is fully enclosed and there's a helpful indicator that tells you whether it's packing a full charge.

The head screws on to Schrader and presses on to Presta valves, and there was enough gas for a rock-hard 110psi in our test tyre. The flip-up trigger makes it easy to use, too. Inflation takes less than five seconds, which is the big draw here. The flipside is, of course, the single use - puncture again and you're on your own.

Considering how good the new combination pumps and inflators are, it's getting hard to think of reasons for buying a CO2-only solution. But if that's what you want, this one's better than most.

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