Airace Infinity AS aluminium floor pump review£79.99

Inflates both tyres and shocks

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Airace make a nice variety of different floor pumps, but only one with an integrated shock pump – the Infinity AS. It is capable of inflating to a staggering 300psi, and accepts Schrader and Presta valves.

The aluminium body and base is sleekly styled, and sturdy enough to be slung in the back of the van or car and shrug off the inevitable knocks.

When it comes to inflating tyres, it couldn’t be easier. The two-way pump head is simple and fast to use – one side will do Presta, the other Schrader – and it locks tightly into place using the short, red lockout lever.

It inflates quickly, thanks to the high volume body, and adjusting pressures is a precise affair thanks to the air bleed button. The braided steel hose means durability is further increased, with no worries of accidentally crimping and damaging the hose.

Using the shock pump is simple. Flip the shock pump hose out and lock it into position, screw it onto the shock or fork and pump away. The gauge is big enough to read from a distance with amply sized numbering that stands out.

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