Blackburn Air Tower 4 HP pump review£109.99

Premium inflation

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The AT 4 HP is Blackburn’s range-heading model, said to be capable of inflating a tyre to 220psi. It has a tall aluminium barrel and a wide aluminium base for your feet.

The chuck – for Presta valves only – is made from chrome-plated steel and can be rebuilt when the rubber seal starts to leak. It also has a handy bleed valve if you pump too much air in.

Air leaks were completely absent here, up to and beyond the maximum recommended pressure of 115psi of several race tyres we tried.

It took just 23 strokes to pump a tyre to 100psi and the quality of materials – and lifetime guarantee – go some way towards justifying the price. One for the pro workshop, perhaps, where it will see heavy use.

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