RAVX Dual Phase 200 track pump review£49.99

Easy action inflator

BikeRadar score4/5

A track pump is the most efficient way of making sure your tyres are at the correct pressure, but skinny climbers or smaller females can struggle to keep their feet on the ground when pumping to road pressures of 100psi plus.

The Dual Phase 200 gives a neat solution to this problem because it can be operated in two modes – high volume or high pressure – selected via a switch on the handle.

Set to high volume, it inflated our tyre quickly, but as the pressure in the tyre increased so did the force required to push the handle.

By then switching to the high pressure mode we could continue pumping without having to enrol in our local gym first. In this mode a smaller volume of air is pumped into the tyre with each stroke – slower but not irritatingly so.

The single valve head works with both presta and schrader valves without any adaption. Situating the gauge at the top of the pump makes it easy to see but we’d prefer a clearer background.

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