SKS Airworx review£25.99

Perfectly adequate unless you're inflating high pressure road tyres

BikeRadar score4/5

Having used an SKS Rennkompressor for eight years, I was interested to see how its cheaper workshop-grade pump would stack up.

The answer is: pretty good, on the whole. The pump body and plunger are steel, as is the big, non-folding footrest. The plastic handle seems sturdy, and the hose is easily long enough to reach a bike on a workstand. The pump head, which is replaceable, has separate holes for Presta and Schrader valves. The gauge is easier to read than the Rennkompressor's because it's bigger, clearer and situated at the top of the pump. It won't pump to such a high pressure, though: it's rated to 144psi but kept blowing off the valve at around 130psi. At anything up to 100psi or so it was just as good as the Rennkompressor, so tourers, commuters and mountain bikers can save £14 by getting the Airworx (or £20 less for the Airworx without the gauge). For road bikes, though, get the Rennkompressor.

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