SKS Rennkompressor review£49.99

A great choice for those seeking track pressures

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The only track pump you have to assemble and the only one for which you can get a spare for every part, this bomb-proof pump has been the workshop favourite since track pumps were invented.

If you want a reliable tool for pumping up tyres, it's hard to see why you'd choose anything else: this cast iron, steel and wood heavyweight is a design classic, the kind that wears in rather than out. Rated to 240psi, it's the only sensible option for track pressures, though the orange psi markings on the gauge aren't easy to read.

But it's the sheer tougness of construction that sets the SKS apart. These pumps stand being kicked around workshop floors and thrown around the backs of mechanics' cars when all others give up.

Our test pump had the SKS AVACS smart head, which works well, but the original, serviceable, two-piece head is more in keeping with the pump's ethos. You might have to fix the SKS one day, but you'll never need a new one.

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