Topeak Twister Digital review£59.99

A good all round package, if a bit pricey

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Twister features a digital gauge and while it's no more accurate than a needle gauge, it does allow you to set a preset pressure with an audible alarm to tell you when you've arrived.

It's an excellent unit, and folds up out of the way for storage or transit. Everything else about the Twister is great too. The Topeak smart head is the pick of the bunch, as is the very solid metal base. There's a bleed valve and a handle lock, and the hose has the longest reach of all the units on test at a massive 172cm. It's not the quickest to 100psi, but as a complete package it's very good and though not cheap at £60, you are getting a top product for your money.

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