Airace Dual Jet TS mini pump review£27.99

For shocks and tyres - two pumps in one

BikeRadar score3/5

The Dual Jet TS mini pump from Airace looks like a conventional mini pump, but sealed away in the handle is a flexy hose and Schraeder valve adapter for your fork or shock. Setting shock pressure has to be done via sag and feel, as there's no pressure gauge, but it's effective and easy to do.

It’ll reach a maximum pressure of 300psi for shocks and 80psi for tyres. The anodised alloy barrel and handle are both finished nicely with rubber tips and valve covers but they won’t seal out water, dirt and dust. The pump action is a little rattley and air intake is steady for tyres compared to similar sized mini pumps.

The Presta/Schraeder valve core is adjustable with a gnurled cap, which can be a little fiddly to get your fingers around, and is definitely too recessed to use when wearing gloves, which can make it a bit irritating if you have to keep removing them. Annoyingly, there’s no handle lock but it’s still certainly lighter than carrying two separate pumps.

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