Blackburn Mammoth 2 Stage pump review£30.00

Big pumping, small pump

BikeRadar score3/5

The aptly named Mammoth from Blackburn is a high volume pump with a sleek minimal body design and high quality feel. The performance belies its pocket size and we were able to get a lot of air into our tyres with relative ease.

If you do need to squeeze some extra pressure in you can switch to over to the ‘high’ setting, so this a good choice for skinnier-tyred bikes too.

The anodised finish and sturdy construction make the Mammoth very smooth to use and we liked the classy details of rubberised snap-on valve cover and red detailing – okay, that may be cosmetic but it just adds to the impact of this very well made pump.

The switchable valves lock on with a twist action, which keeps the smooth lines of the body clear of levers but can make attaching it a bit fiddly if your hands are cold, so we didn’t find this quite as good as other models for ease of handling.

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