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Big but brainy pump

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Blackburn’s latest Mammoth 2Stage mini-pump is really two pumps in one: one with high volume/low pressure and the other with low volume/high pressure, both of which are easily accessed via a handy switch on one end.  

The idea is to get the bulk of the air in while both the internal pressure and pumping effort is low, then switch to the high-pressure chamber to top things off without needing the strength of 12 men. Indeed, a reasonably quick 120 strokes (40 high-volume plus 80 high-pressure) yields a usable 28psi in a true-sized 26x2.0” tire with just moderate effort.   

Stronger-armed users will definitely be able to get things up to the same pressure with fewer strokes or, conversely, those looking for an easier time can switch to the other mode earlier on. Either way, a locking convertible Presta/Schrader head minimizes air loss. 

Two chambers offer either high volume or high pressure for faster inflation and less effort.:
Two chambers offer either high volume or high pressure for faster inflation and less effort.:

Like Blackburn’s other latest-generation mini-pumps, though, the Mammoth 2Stage uses an inverted design that leaves little room to support the head during inflation. Users need to exercise a little more care – or modify their technique – to prevent bending or breaking a valve stem. We also miss the standard Mammoth’s handy pistol grip handle.

Though nearly as quick as a full-length pump and much shorter, the Mammoth 2Stage pays for its extra power in terms of girth and weight. The fairly short 23.5cm length is paired with over 3cm in diameter and a substantial 175g, not including the 22g cage mount. 

Even so, it’s hard to fault the quality aluminium – rather than plastic – construction that can take a beating, and it fits in most hydration packs. Add in Blackburn’s superb warranty and the Mammoth 2Stage is one of the best options out there for the fat tyre crowd, as long as you don’t mind having to carry it around.

A locking head minimizes pressure losses during pumping.:
A locking head minimizes pressure losses during pumping.:

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