Park Tool Half Pint Mini pump review£23.00

Lightweight inflator

BikeRadar score3/5

The light weight and short length of the Park Tool Half Pint Mini make it a ‘travelling light’ pump that fits into the back pocket of your jersey or jacket, or the teeniest pack.

However, despite the relatively small size, the handle has been properly and chunkily proportioned so that it fits in your hand and is comfortable and easy to use, plus when you lock it open everything stays where it should, preventing that annoying fold up that can happen mid-inflation.

The long locking lever makes it a cinch to attach the valve and once in place gives a secure and firm seal. Our only tiny quibble is that it has a less solid feel that some of the other pumps we've tried and the handle doesn’t fix in the closed position with as satisfying a click as it might, but it does inflate effectively.

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