SKS Revo Alloy pump review£30.00

Compact pump

BikeRadar score2/5

The SKS Revo Alloy has an instantly well-made feel and we liked the shape with its twist-lock action. It’s compact and goes into your pocket as easily as your day pack.

Externally there’s nothing to differentiate this pump from other models, but open it up and all is revealed. Pulling the handle up shows the shaft to be a clear tube with a spring housed inside it to give an internal pressure gauge.

The idea’s good, but in practice we found the numbers incredibly hard to read and it makes for a jerky, almost sticky action that isn’t that efficient at filling a tyre either.

If you really need the gauge (and have 20/20 vision) plus you’re happy to sacrifice some inflation speed to have it, you might be prepared to pay the premium that the Revo commands. We were impressed with the external quality but this wasn’t our favourite in terms of stroke smoothness or efficiency.

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