SKS Sub 40 mini pump review£29.99

Handy but a bit feeble

BikeRadar score2.5/5

This mini pump makes most others look positively porky. It’s just 20cm long and 2cm in diameter, and ours weighed in at just 37g – lighter even than SKS’s claimed 39g. It's very easy to carry around, but it's not capable of the pressure SKS claims and it's time-consuming to use.

The design is about as basic as it gets, with no thumb-lock lever to secure the head on the valve – which must be Presta rather than Schrader – so you just push it into place and hold it there with your fingers.

The small barrel means inflation is a slow process – you have to be pretty darn patient. Although we got enough air into the tube to get us home after a flat, we never came close to the 140psi that the manufacturer reckons this pump is capable of. 

We’d rather go for something that packs more of a punch, even if it’s considerably heavier. It does come with a handy rubber frame-mount to strap it to your bike, though.

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