Zefal Jet TL pump review£15.00

Comfortable inflation

BikeRadar score3/5

The Zefal Jet TL is the style of pump that has become pretty much the norm for most mountain bikers. It's too long for a jersey pocket but stashes neatly in a riding pack and is hardly noticed in terms of weight.

The handle flips out and locks securely in position, and the valve switches round for Presta/Schrader compatibility. This model doesn’t pump a tyre up as fast as some higher volume pumps, but it does what is expected of it in an easy no-fuss way at a very reasonable price.

Where the Jet does deliver, though, is a firm locking clip which combines with a slight angle on the head of the pump to allow you to use it at 45° angle. That makes a huge difference in comfort as you frantically try to get that tube inflated before the rain clouds catch you. A final well thought through detail is the cap that snaps over the valve.

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