BBB Microfold XXL multitool review£24.00

Practical tooling

BikeRadar score4.5/5

This tool has some nice touches, but also some baffling thinking. For instance the main body of the tool has a tactile rubberised covering, while the slide off chain tool is just hard plastic. If only one side could have the soft tactile finish it should be the other way around; giving comfort on the chain tool where finger force exceeds that required for tweaking Allen bolts.

It’s an unpretentious tool that did our bolt tightening bidding with little argument. The more we used it the more we enjoyed the feel of the grippy rubber on the main tool fuelling our desire to see it used on both halves, and several times caught it after fumbling with 4mm stem face plate bolts The squared off bit bodies support each other and despite trying to put in enough twisting force to generate some slop, the tool remains tight.

We also like the magnetic 8mm socket a lot as it keeps it firmly attached to the 6mm bit in a similar way to the CyclePro, and makes the 6mm bit easier to use. Being practical to use, the Microfold XXL is almost the most comfortable tool in our test, only missing the full five star award by a rubber covered whisker. Maybe next year.

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