Lezyne Blox 23 multitool review£26.00

Big and heavy

BikeRadar score3/5

The wide body Blox 23 from Lezyne is a whopperof a multitool, mostly because Lezyne has seen fit to equip it with twin options on the 2, 2.5 and 3mm Allen keys – one straight and one with a 90-degree bend in the end. We’d rather ditch the bent ones and have three other more useful tools instead, maybe a blade, or pliers to break off Shimano joining pins, or a clip-in wire chain hook...

As they are, the bits are well made. The chain tool is okay, the handle is still a bit small for our liking, but overall chain breaking performance is helped by the sheer size of the rest of the tool that allows quite a bit of energy to be added without hurting hands. The Phillips screwdriver is in the middle of this super-wide tool rendering it useless for 50% of the Phillips screws on your bike where the wide tool body will contact the seat tube before you get a turn in. It has a good pad pusher with locking stop though.

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