Lezyne CRV-12 Multi Tool review£16.00

Comprehensive multi-tool that's nicely finished

BikeRadar score4.5/5

New accessories brand Lezyne is the brainchild of the man behind Truvativ, Micki Kozuschek. Lezyne places a strong emphasis on smooth, stylish design and the use of carbon fibre on many of its products from mini-pumps to multi-tools and bags.

That said, Lezyne has stuck closely with tradition with its CRV-12 multi tool. Forged alloy sideplates hold forged and CNC-machined chrome-vanadium bits. At a glance, you’ll see the tool has a level of finish that is far better than most other multi tools — it almost looks too good to be slung in the tool kit with the other rusty spanners.

The CRV-12 has performed well and we’d recommend it to anyone — particularly to those who’ve already specced up their bike and are looking for a reason to spend more money!

The only gripe we encountered was that the 2mm and 2.5mm Allen keys have an L bend, which makes accessing some screw heads (particularly the reach-adjuster screws on brake levers) a bit tricky.

The multi tool contains seven Allen keys (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm), a Torx t25 driver, flat and cross-head screwdrivers, a calliper spreader, a chain tool, two traditional spoke keys (3.45 and 3.22mm) and a splined Mavic spoke key. Pretty much everything you’ll need while out on a ride to get your bike running smoothly.

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