Lezyne Stainless 21 Multitool review£19.99

Rust-resistant tool kit

BikeRadar score4/5

The stainless steel Lezyne will never rust. The grip is wide and long so there’s plenty of leverage here, but although the chain tool’s short handle is fine for 9-speed chains it baulked when it came to splitting a 10-speed chain.

The range of Allen keys starts with cranked/right angled 2 and 2.5mm sizes and continues with straight 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm sizes. The built-in steel tyre lever needs more care than a plastic one to avoid nipping the inner tube, but it’s unlikely ever to break, as can happen with plastic ones in very cold weather.

There’s also a decent tin and bottle opener for impromptu mid-ride refreshments, a 10mm open ended spanner for cantilever brake blocks and an 8mm one for securing mudguard bolts, a T25 Torx bit and 14 and 15 gauge spoke keys.

The included Lycra cover stops the chain tool from digging into your back when you’re riding with it in your jersey pocket.

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