Pedro's Rx multi-tool review£20.00

Workmanlike tooling

BikeRadar score2/5

The Rx is high on functionality but lower on any finer features. The tools are a good length, making them easy to use in tricky spots, but the plastic body has hard, uncomfortable edges.

When used with any degree of pressure, we were aware of more flex than we’d have liked. We also found that we needed to tighten it regularly to ensure the tools didn’t become loose.

The chain tool is held firmly on the body without any niggling rattles, it has a solid feel when it slides out and holds the chain very firmly in place. However the bolt the Allen key fits into is barely recessed at all, so there’s a tendency for it to pop out when you’re tightening everything up.

The Rx is a workmanlike and practical multi-tool of a type that would have been the norm a few years ago, but it suffers in comparison to newer models – and, coming as it does from Pedro's, we were disappointed.

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