BBB Multimount bike repair stand review£129.95

Adjustable folding workstand

BikeRadar score4/5

Unlike most workstands which clamp to the top tube or seat tube, this BBB workstand holds your bike by its bottom bracket, with the front or rear wheel fitting into an attached boom.

Simply position the boom horizontally, remove the front or rear wheel and lift the bike onto the stand. We found forks needed a firm push before they engaged in the stand. A strap then secures the bottom bracket.

By undoing the quick release and pointing the boom down, you can raise or lower parts to a useful working height: if the front of the bike is held by the boom, the bike’s rear mech will rise and the handlebar levers lower.

The Multimount is far more stable than workstands with down tube clamps, but the need to remove the front or rear wheel makes it less convenient to use than Velomann's bottom bracket-mounting stand.

If you have a heavy bike, though, you will appreciate the additional stability that this workstand provides by clamping the bike at the dropouts.

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