Topeak Prepstand Elite workstand review£119.99

No-nonsense workshop bike holder

BikeRadar score4/5

This model is ready to go straight from the box. We found it easy to open out, and the decently broad base was solid enough both out in the field and in the workshop.

The clamp fixes with a traditional turn-the-handle operation. Changing the angle of the clamp via the ratchet system is smooth and accurate. 

The small box next to the clamp is great to stash little bits and bobs – but remember to fasten the lid before rotating the arm, or there’ll be tears...

This no-nonsense stand proves that spending less money gets you less heft – it feels a little more flexible than more expensive versions when used at full extension. 

However, it’s light and comes with a carry case, so the portability and price advantage could swing it for you.

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