RAVX Shock X shock pump review£29.99

Great little fork and shock inflator

BikeRadar score4/5

This is one of the tidiest shock pumps we've used. It has a high-quality feel, thanks to the brass fittings and braided hose and its no-leak head keeps the air where you want it – in your shock.

It's the head that really makes this pump stand out. Back off the release screw and you can attach it to a valve without losing any of the air that's already in the shock. To inflate the shock, you just screw it down. Afterwards, unscrew it again and the schrader valve in the shock closes so that when you take the head off the only air that hisses out is from the pump itself.

And the release screw is anodised retro purple, so it must be good.

As usual with shock pumps, the bleed button needs a gentle, steady hand. It's no worse than any other in that a firm press dumps all the air out of the shock, but you'd think someone could make a shock pump that didn't do this.

The Shock X worked with every fork and shock we tried it on, bar one: the rear shock on a Scott Ransom. Scott's own pump is pretty much mandatory with the Equalizer TC shock on these bikes because the valve needs a deep push to open it and the recommended pressures for heavier riders are past the Shock X's limit of 400psi.

For everyone else, though, the detailing like the rubber cover on the gauge and grip panels on the handle and the nifty no-loss head make this a solid option.

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