Topeak Microshock pump review£19.99

Tiny high pressure inflator

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Although tiny, and lacking a pressure gauge, this dinky little Microshock pump from Topeak could well be ideal for ‘on the trail’ adjustments. It weighs just 50g, is 200mm long, and is no thicker than a marker pen. It’s well made from butted aluminium, nicely finished, and can be serviced easily enough too.

We managed to inflate to the claimed 300psi capacity with relative ease, although it does take longer than a full size pump due to the smaller barrel and smaller handle. There’s also a neat valve that depresses from the shock valve before you unscrew it so you don’t lose pressure when disconnecting.

It’s a very useful item, which now never leaves our riding pack. It’s more than good enough to use as a main shock pump, although home mechanics may prefer the full size options that come with pressure gauges.

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