Lifeline Workshop Tool Kit review£40.00

Budget kit for the occasional mechanic

BikeRadar score4/5

Normally buying all the relevant tools for your bike is an expensive and time consuming operation. These kits from Lifeline make it much easier by giving you 30 of the most essential tools in one handy plastic carry case.

All the obvious tools are here as well as some handy extras like the small magnetic parts dish – no more losing ball bearings. 

The tools are all of reasonable quality and will last the occasional home mechanic a long time with normal levels of careful use. 

If you’re a persistent tinkerer or run a fleet of bikes you might want a kit using higher grade steels for better durability.

There are a few exceptions to the kit which you might need to fill such as Torx drivers for disc hub bolts and a tool to fit and remove the lock rings from the new through-axle pattern splined disc hubs. Small stuff really, though the Torx would have been expected as they’re on almost all of today’s modern mountain bikes.

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